One of the most celebrated arrivals of spring is the Cherry Blossom. Across the nation, and around the world, Cherry Blossom festivals celebrate the magnificent bloom through March and April, with one of the most famous being in our nation’s capital.

This year is especially significant as The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC will mark the 100th anniversary of the tree. In 1912, Japan presented the gift of 3020 cherry trees to our capital city to symbolize the blossoming friendship between the two nations. Today, the tree is a national treasure and serves as a reminder of international friendship and the beauty of nature.

The cherry blossom is deeply woven into Japanese tradition and culture because it represents the ephemeral, or transient, nature and beauty of life. Perhaps this is the reason our Silk Cherry Blossom designs are a perennial favorite at In addition to their incredible realism and delicate beauty, they can be enjoyed all year long, or seasonally, if you prefer. We’re feeling Cherry! 20% extended till April 18, 2012 Coupon Code: CHERRY

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